Habits for My Wellbeing

2 days in to reducing my antidepressants and I felt irritable, angry, just generally het-up. I'm not sure if it was the medication change or just other stuff. The news for example. Trump - say no more. Brexit - what a bloody cock-up. Theresa May makes me feel sick. Trump makes me want to hang … Continue reading Habits for My Wellbeing


Ghosts in the House.

Do all mothers have this feeling when the house is empty? Mister is away and girl-child is at her Grandad's and I have this empty house and all these hours. I knew it was coming and I'd thought of all the brilliant child-free things I was going to do: knitting, writing, cleaning, baking, studying, crafting, … Continue reading Ghosts in the House.

Coming clean.

I read a post this morning which inspired me to write¬†this. Beth's honest post on why it's okay if you don't enjoy every minute¬†of being a parent mainly focuses on the newborn phase, but I think it's still relevant in this toddler phase. Every stage of being a parent has it's challenges, at that moment … Continue reading Coming clean.