Coming clean.

I read a post this morning which inspired me to write this. Beth's honest post on why it's okay if you don't enjoy every minute of being a parent mainly focuses on the newborn phase, but I think it's still relevant in this toddler phase. Every stage of being a parent has it's challenges, at that moment … Continue reading Coming clean.


Happy Rose Sunday!

(For tomorrow, of course… Don't anybody say I'm not ahead of the game, oh no!) For years I bucked against Mothers Day (and Father's Day and Valentines Day et al) on the grounds that it was just an over-comercialised money making opportunity for fat cats. Then I became a mother, and now I get it. … Continue reading Happy Rose Sunday!

The Longest Journey

"… a mother's journey [is] a 'letting go' process. But in a sense, she never really let's go, and can never quite return to the woman she was. Once she opens herself to her child, something within her stays open. She has changed profoundly and for her whole life." - Naomi Stadlen What Mothers Do

On twits.

Two horrible happenings came to my attention this week. First, Stan Collymore appeared on the Today show talking about the racial abuse he has been subjected to by Twitter users. During the interview, several Tweets were rolling in, amazingly, to a similar vein. I had a look on my phone and could not believe what … Continue reading On twits.