" Exposure to nature and the outdoors as a form or component of psychotherapy " Full springtime immersion, feeding spring lambs and poking my fingers deep into their already thick fleecy head. Local walks stolen between school drop-off and the various obligations of the day. Over the grimy crossroad and away from the the chip-shop stink. Tripping down concrete steps littered in … Continue reading Ecotherapy


A visit to Yorkshire Lavender.

In a sleepless haze of nap-less desperation I bundled the girl-child into the car in the hope she would fall asleep. I wound through lanes and villages around York for half an hour before she finally closed her eyes. Being lost* I carried on driving looking for somewhere to pull in and close my own … Continue reading A visit to Yorkshire Lavender.

A mini adventure!

I don't have much luck with car boot sales. We turned up all prepared with wellies, sling, snacks, cash and suitably Del Boy style attire to find it was cancelled again. Luckily, we found a nature reserve around the corner. It had everything going for it: muddy puddles in abundance, rabbits, squirrels, the most delightful … Continue reading A mini adventure!