Happy Things #6


1 // Reading. On my bookshelf at the moment I have ‘Sane new world’ by Ruby Wax and ‘The Jewel Garden’ by Monty and Sarah Don. Knowledge is power and, as it happens, out of my three years of undergraduate Physiology, neuroscience was the most interesting module to me. As a Physio too, the physiology of pain fascinates me, so this was never going to be a tricky read for me… If anything I’m left wanting. Recognising there is a physiological process contributing to my low mood is helping me to accept it and move forward. The Jewel Garden is inspiring me to get my hands dirty to cleanse my mind.

2 // The garden is looking lovely, as I’ve already posted. Since then, the French lavender and our dusky pink aquilegia have exploded bringing some very definite floral focal point to the garden. 

3 // The first of the summer swallows arrived and I feel hopeful in my heart just thinking of lying in the garden looking up through the trees to watch them swoop and dive for flies. 

4 // Cow parsley and Lilacs frothing over the edges of our nearby cycle track, and Hawthorne blossoms filling the air with summer scent that reminds me of childhoods playing in the fields near our home. 

5 // Bringing some regularity and importance back to my meditation and mindfulness practice. Ruby Wax proving some practical tips in her book, Headspace guiding me in my meditation practice and Lotus Bell app reminding me to breathe and take a mindful moment at random times through the day. Discipline is all my own. 

What are you happy about or grateful for this week? Any recommendations for further reading…?!


Happy Things #2

The sap is definitely rising and these are some of things making me smile this week! Hurray!

1 // Seeing the first butterfly of the season, and a huge bumblebee. Hearing the birds in the hedge getting all twitterpated.

2 // Mothers Day was gorgeous. Girl-child picked out some flowers for me and kept saying “Happy mothers day” all day. We went for burgers. Burgers trump EVERYTHING in my world.

3 // Taking a family walk at Skipwith Common which is a lovely nature reserve near York. Clear blue skies, long shadows, sticks and dens. And songs from The Jungle Book.

4 // Taking some time on the yoga mat – something I’ve not been doing enough of lately but always makes me feel good about life.

5 // A long hot bath with essential oils. Lavender, rose geranium and patchouli are my favourites – relaxing and mood enhancing. Plus I whiff pretty damn good afterwards. For a change.

6 // Reading all the books. The Girl is so athletic and acrobatic at the moment, which is fantastic, but also exhausting! So it’s nice when she just want to read stories with mama.

7 // The solar eclipse! I was so excited by this event! How amazing is this little globe we inhabit in this vast universe? Events like this remind me of how small we are and how, despite modern life and all it’s craziness, nature still captivates and inspires us.


Hope you are finding plenty to put a spring in your step too? Let me know in the comments below!

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Mami 2 Five

Living Arrows 6/52

IMG_16636/52 Peppa Time!

In the middle of all the running and clambering and laughing at your reflection in the cooker door and putting pants on your head, you came and sat on the floor beside me with your Peppa Pig Christmas book. You calmly turned the pages with your chubby little fingers, and were totally absorbed by the pictures and the task. Such ease, the way in which you put aside the chaos and chose quiet for those few minutes. So I sat, and watched you quietly too.




26-01-14 Collage
Watching: Breaking Bad, Season Two. Why doesn’t he just accept the help offered by the old grey matter friends. He thinks he’s doing the right thing by his family but really they will be very very cross when they find out. Irritating but compulsive and darkly funny.

Enjoying: Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and reading. Going for walks with my girl. Its still the only time she would nap, so I have seized it and downloaded run keeper. Plus it’s been really crisp and sunny, and it makes me feel good. Harder to do the last few days though, what with these extra wakings making me feel… Ugh!

Reading: Toddlercalm and River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook. Look, I’m no fool. I know there’s no magic solution to the trials of parenthood, but that’s what I’m enjoying about this book. It’s about adjusting your expectations rather than trying to fight nature. One of the early chapters, on sleep (the holy grail of parenting books, surely?) in essence is saying, “this is what the majority of babies do. It’s normal.” I can stop asking myself what it is I’m doing wrong, and just try to understand it. Hey, whatever works for each family, right? As for River Cottage – I ordered this to give me some inspiration for family meals we could all enjoy, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the recipes, especially after all the reviews on Amazon. But the chapters preceding the recipes are really interesting, so I’m keeping it.

Not enjoying quite so much: The additional wake up calls! After my last sleep post, she did settle down but now she’s started to wake again. I used to breastfeed her at around 4am but now that doesn’t settle her and she jolts awake whenever I go to put her in the cot. The last three nights we’ve been awake for 2 hours straight with constant crying. She’s had cuddles, rocking, pacing, night lights on, night lights off, singing, warm milk, calpol, repeated bedtime routine, our bed, the nursing chair. All fails – she just seems to eventually fall asleep wherever she is (usually in my arms though), after about 2hours of crying. Today she is totally pooped (as am I) and grouchy. And no, she still isn’t napping.

Making it lovely: The bedroom. I finally ‘archived’ the pile of boxes in the bedroom and gave it a tidy up (read: shoved everything into the eaves cupboards. Out of sight…). I also replaced the really manky bedspread with a new one from Sainsburys. It’s not as big but was very warm *sweaty face*. It also makes going to bed earlier feel like a treat instead of just that place we dump our adult shit and crash out.

Eating: Healthier this week. I’m trying to set a positive example to D, so that means healthy snacks or no snacks and eating with her at lunchtimes. It’s certainly a good motivator but still hard to keep from snaffling the odd digestive or jammy toast when I’m feeling tired or cold. Ah… cosy comfort!

Over and out! Off to push the child out in the horrid rainy day of awfulness now, in the hope she will sleep. Zeds.


Magpie… Er, Wednesday?

Anybody? Har-de-har the joke’s on me, because after I posted my haul proudly on twitter with the cornedbeefhashtag ‘magpiemonday’, I realised it wasn’t Monday or EVEN Tuesday, but Wednesday. Yes, I know – you know this already. I’m the drongo.

Anyway, here’s my haul, wot I scored for a total of TWO pounds. Two measly chunks.


As always with thrifted score, I like to add up the cost of what I would have paid, brand new…TWENTY-TWO pounds! PAH! I’ve practically won the lottery. Get me to ye olde yacht shoppe!

Over and out jumble lovers x