Happy Things #6

   1 // Reading. On my bookshelf at the moment I have 'Sane new world' by Ruby Wax and 'The Jewel Garden' by Monty and Sarah Don. Knowledge is power and, as it happens, out of my three years of undergraduate Physiology, neuroscience was the most interesting module to me. As a Physio too, the … Continue reading Happy Things #6


Happy Things #2

The sap is definitely rising and these are some of things making me smile this week! Hurray! 1 // Seeing the first butterfly of the season, and a huge bumblebee. Hearing the birds in the hedge getting all twitterpated. 2 // Mothers Day was gorgeous. Girl-child picked out some flowers for me and kept saying … Continue reading Happy Things #2


Watching: Breaking Bad, Season Two. Why doesn't he just accept the help offered by the old grey matter friends. He thinks he's doing the right thing by his family but really they will be very very cross when they find out. Irritating but compulsive and darkly funny. Enjoying: Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and … Continue reading Lately…