" Exposure to nature and the outdoors as a form or component of psychotherapy " Full springtime immersion, feeding spring lambs and poking my fingers deep into their already thick fleecy head. Local walks stolen between school drop-off and the various obligations of the day. Over the grimy crossroad and away from the the chip-shop stink. Tripping down concrete steps littered in … Continue reading Ecotherapy


Happy Things #7

Here I shall represent in pictures, a stubborn refusal to yield to the blues of the season. They were pretty on their own, but then this happened and my heart went POP! Hugging trees and snuggling up the ivy. I know - such a cliche... but you will find no apology here. Hot choc dates … Continue reading Happy Things #7

Shall I?

Shall I start this again? I asked myself loads of times over the last year. By 'this', I mean this thing that you are reading now. This blog. Whoever *you* are. So I suppose the question has now been answered because here it is. This time last year was a flurry of activity. Girl-child had … Continue reading Shall I?

Coming clean.

I read a post this morning which inspired me to write this. Beth's honest post on why it's okay if you don't enjoy every minute of being a parent mainly focuses on the newborn phase, but I think it's still relevant in this toddler phase. Every stage of being a parent has it's challenges, at that moment … Continue reading Coming clean.