The garden is damp. The plants have flopped over, or been battered down by the rain. The earth has tilted, so light becomes scarce. There is a 4ft sq of light that spans the edge of the garden and the hedge, and it creeps silently along that one edge of the garden from morning until … Continue reading Autumn


Garden happenings.

Girl child has fully embraced gardening this year and asks "can we garden mummy?" as if she is asking for chocolate treats. Win! Bits of tidying, planning and some planting have been like a salve for our occasional tempestuous relations when the weather has allowed. I learned last year, that gardening with a small child involves … Continue reading Garden happenings.

A mini adventure!

I don't have much luck with car boot sales. We turned up all prepared with wellies, sling, snacks, cash and suitably Del Boy style attire to find it was cancelled again. Luckily, we found a nature reserve around the corner. It had everything going for it: muddy puddles in abundance, rabbits, squirrels, the most delightful … Continue reading A mini adventure!