This is my little corner of the internet. My first post sums up why and how I got here. This post explain a bit more about why I write in the first place!

I’m a mum/partner/sister/daughter living in Yorkshire.

I love trying new things (latest new thing = trying to be more organised)

I like gardening/cooking/camping/travel/blogs/photography/sewing/chocolate+hummus (not together, silly! Euw!)/my man + my girl (LOVE actually…)/my awesome mates (ditto)

I wish I could be 15 again… man, I was brilliant at that age. I happily have no idea how old I currently am, unless I work it out from my year of birth. This pleases me.

I enjoy being heckled by truckers when I run as it affords me the DEEP JOY of flipping them the bird legitimately. Every cloud…!

SInce starting this blog  I’ve written myself out of a post-natal funk, discovered meditation, started spending more time outside and  I am succeeding at exercising more and watching less telly. In short I have fallen back in love with my life and dare I say I think I think that I might be an okay person?! I’m still trying to find realistic ways to leave a smaller footprint on the planet. I still wish to have thicker hair (yep… tried no-poo already), and I’m starting to think that my personal style IS leggings, so…

Hope you enjoy tucking into the archives.

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If you’d like to contact me, you find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as email annalou1978[at]gmail[dot]com




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