Happy Things #8

So many things this time around, and this isn’t even the fully up to date version. Lucky me!

My birthday was in February. We spend a gorgeous very early Spring day at Flamborough Head, visiting the Living Seas Centre run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. For a tiny wee cabin it offers loads to do and I definitely want to go back and tag along with one of the guided walks along the shores. Rock Pooling is one of those romantic concepts that enchanted me as a child. It must have been Enid Blyton, or maybe something out of the Sunday supplements in the summer holidays. Or maybe it was just that Lancashire beaches are not particularly rock-pooly – favouring long and broad sandy sealess expanses. Ergo, rock pools were possibly the height of pre-teen geek exoticism. Whatever it is, I am just desperate to uncover an anemone, or a fossil or a live crab. It’s gonna happen. It will be a dream come true when it does.

It is HERE. There are blossoms, and burgeoning shoots, all turgid and expectant. And colour. At this time of year the colour is so precious, every shade standing proud against a background of black earth, grey sky or saturated grass. Before it’s rarity is lost amongst the brassy extravagance of summer.

Leaving February and into March, I was feeling the come-down from my birthday and was starting to get a bit shitty and fed up with all the grey. (Why? I don’t know, clearly I forgot to review my photo library – case in point above….) A long weekend in the Lake District was an absolute saviour for all of us. I didn’t know how much we all needed it until we arrived. It just felt like that was the place we all need to be, right at that very moment. All of the shitty just faded away. And how can you… just how, can anybody fail to be revived and jolted into happy by the sight of rainy north west mists rising up over the tops of those mountains? Some people are wary to visit the Lakes because of the reputation for rain. But honestly, it hardly rains as much as you plan for. And it moves and changes so much, the blue sky is never far behind. What glory. What drama.

So, there you have it. Until next time, adios amigos 😉


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