After The Flood.

Christmas Day 2015 was the best. Ever. Then it was Boxing Day.



1 // The water creeping up the garden. You can see the River Foss just over the fence. It’s never breached the back fence before. Not while we have lived here at least.

2 // Preparing for the worst – thinking it might end up being a bit of a faff seeing as we’d have to come and put it all back the next day.

3 // View from across “the river”. The bottom of our from door is 4 steps up from the level of the road itself. We had only remarked a couple of days before Christmas “if we flood the whole of York will be under”

4 // After the flood. Filth everywhere.

I’m surprised I haven’t cried more at this point. It’s not really the things that need replacing as much as the inconvenience of it all that bothers me the most. I got upset about the thought of the original fireplace and surround which will have to go, because I felt sad for the house, and all the people who had lived here before us. I felt sad about it being the two rooms that we had put so much of ourselves into creating – the lounge and the kitchen. The builder friend of ours who had built it and done such an impeccable job of every last detail. I was sorry for his ruined craftsmanship. The emotional impact of the constant lists whirring around inside my mind. Things not to forget to do. Trying to keep things on an even keel for the girl child. Sleeping in a different bed, waking throughout the night. Strange dreams, the by-product of unsettled times.

And yet, life continues. We deal with the insurers, and builders and whoever else we need to deal with. Taking it day by day.

We are lucky we have somewhere safe and dry to stay.

We are lucky that the efforts of yorks voluntary army have been so strong (particular gratitude to the men and women serving hot food and tea in our neighbourhood).

We are lucky that we have our families and friends to lean on. The offers of help and good wishes are countless.

We are lucky we managed to save most of our possessions. And also amazed at how much stuff we don’t really care about 😉

We are lucky we had the money to pay our insurance premiums.

We are lucky we have a 3 year old to make us laugh on a daily basis.



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