Happy Things #5

I haven’t written much lately or taken many photos. I guess I am trying to be more in the moment and using any spare time to read, stretch, potter. I’m doing what feels good to me, and it’s thrown up some more happy moments… Hurray! 

1 // Girl Childs first trip to the dentist – she was awesome. Hopped straight up into the chair, chatted away with the dentist and didn’t even flinch when he examined her teeth! So proud!

2 // Might sound weird, but sharing my post about my low mood last week. It opened a door for me and I started to reach out a bit more. I’ve felt more positive and more hopeful since that day.

3 // The following words: “Whats this for?” *indicates garden wire* “Just thought it would come in handy for little garden jobs. Why?” “I might make a selfie helmet.” *Cue lots of running up and down stairs and then out of the front door* Maybe you had to be there but it tickled me all evening. It was a bit of a Tom and Barbara moment! 

4 // Being sociable and having our friends round for a curry night. Remember the times when you used to hang around with your mates talking all kinds of crap, dreaming, laughing? Well, we set the world to rights and we now know what that dangly thing at the back of your mouth is for. It’s called an uvula and it stops food going into your nose. Nice, eh? 

Have a lovely weekend folks! X

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