Happy Things #4 

Er, May? What the Billy-o?

Also: Spring where have ye gone? Nevermind… Still plenty to be thankful for of late methinks.

1 // Lots of garden activity at the weekend. Tidying, planting, buying too many plants… Oops. Hearing the girl-child asking if she can “do gardening” and standing there with her little watering can and hopeful eyes, as if she was asking for the best, naughtiest treat that she’d never be allowed.

2 // Chasing butterflies in the garden and, rain or shine, watching the birds poking their little head out of the shuddering hedge before visiting the bird table. Girl child, if she is in the garden, will talk to the wildlife as if it’s a baby “hello little bird. Are you ok? Do you want a cuddle?”

3 // Lovely new bright yellow raincoat for the girl child. Is it wrong to wear the same as your daughter? She looks awesome, and the colour of sunshine was invented solely for her.

4 // Getting a little time out for a bike ride along the river for some much needed head clearing. More please!

5 // Getting into some box set happiness. How is it that I am so late to the Girls AND House of Cards parties? House of Cards is so intriguing and Kevin Spacey is brilliant.

Bring on May!

What’s been putting a smile on your face lately? Let me know in the comments below!


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