Happy Things #2

The sap is definitely rising and these are some of things making me smile this week! Hurray!

1 // Seeing the first butterfly of the season, and a huge bumblebee. Hearing the birds in the hedge getting all twitterpated.

2 // Mothers Day was gorgeous. Girl-child picked out some flowers for me and kept saying “Happy mothers day” all day. We went for burgers. Burgers trump EVERYTHING in my world.

3 // Taking a family walk at Skipwith Common which is a lovely nature reserve near York. Clear blue skies, long shadows, sticks and dens. And songs from The Jungle Book.

4 // Taking some time on the yoga mat – something I’ve not been doing enough of lately but always makes me feel good about life.

5 // A long hot bath with essential oils. Lavender, rose geranium and patchouli are my favourites – relaxing and mood enhancing. Plus I whiff pretty damn good afterwards. For a change.

6 // Reading all the books. The Girl is so athletic and acrobatic at the moment, which is fantastic, but also exhausting! So it’s nice when she just want to read stories with mama.

7 // The solar eclipse! I was so excited by this event! How amazing is this little globe we inhabit in this vast universe? Events like this remind me of how small we are and how, despite modern life and all it’s craziness, nature still captivates and inspires us.


Hope you are finding plenty to put a spring in your step too? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Things #2

  1. I love reading positive and uplifting posts like this! It really is the little things that make us truly happy. Very inspiring… especially the bath! I need one of those 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Really appreciate your comment x

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