Restoring the balance.

I call them ‘Reset Days’. You know the ones? Days following on from holidays or illness or just crazy times. Days where you just need to clear the diary and stay at home. Clear the back log of washing, tidy away the little piles of junk. Rid yourselves of the clutter around the place. Open the windows, book the window cleaner and let in some light. Create space to breathe.  Days where you reconfigure your brain, your lists. Days where you plan to eat clean, you get out the yoga mat and stretch again, feel yourself being alive in the simplest way. Drink hot tea in the garden. Days when you don’t make plans or maybe you do, but you break them with utter confidence that it was the perfect thing to do. And you feel no guilt. Day’s when you resolve to just be. DSC04773 Do you have a way of resetting your mojo after a spell of illness or such? Leave comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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