Happy things!

I’ve about 87 new drafts for longer posts sitting waiting to be completed or started. I enjoy writing those kind of posts when I get the chance but when I look back through my older posts, I enjoy seeing the shorter bursts too. The snapshots of life that are happy reminders of what I consider to be the best days of my life… SO FAR! Since I had a break from blogging I’ve been thinking about what the purpose of the blog is for me (because really… is there anybody out there?!) I want to use the blog as a place to record the good stuff of life as I know it and sometimes that’s no more simple than a list. Also, I love a good list. Tick! Tick! Boom!

So without further ado, here’s what I’m happy about this week.

1. Bringing ALL the daffodils into the house and feeling all a-glow to see the city walls beginning to flush such a bright and happy yellow. Another couple of weeks and it will be a sea of yellow.


2. Visiting the garden centre with the girl-child and looking at the fishes in the indoor and outdoor tanks. “Is it Nemo?”

3. Girls, season 2. Rare that I find a box set that’s just for me. Those gals are funny. In 30 minute bursts. Perfect when I’m not sure if I’m going to have the staying power for a full hour’s viewing. Thanks parenthood.

4. Skype-ing my lovely friend. We shared an immense travel experience together a few years ago and have stayed in touch ever since. How precious and rare it is to find kindred spirits and how lucky we are to have the internet and all that stuff that keeps us connected.


5. My first ever Mother’s Day card made by the girl-child at playgroup. A keeper.

What’s been floating your boat this week?

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