In pictures // February

Before we get too far into March I wanted to share my highlights of February. It really felt like we started to climb with weak and weary limbs out of our hibernation holes. The slightly longer days and delicate spring flowers and shoots are bringing us back to life. Slowly.

1 / Birthday visit to Yorkshire WIldlife park for my birthday treat.

2 / Woodland adventuring with the little’un

3 / First daffodil in our garden – the girl-child and I planted these bulbs together last year 🙂

4 / Gorgeous wintery sunset, no?

5,6,7,8,9 / Parkland adventures at St. Mary’s Abbey and the Museum Gardens. That day felt like the first day of Spring – warm, earthy smells, rising sap. Mmmm!

10, 11 /  Getting crafty with the girl-child. These were her first totally independent artworks. I loved art as a child so it fills my heart to see her enjoying it too. Happy times!

How was February in your neck of the woods?

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