Lately // Winter Walks

Being something of a technological slattern, I had neither backed-up my hard drive or uploaded photo’s from the camera in approximately a gazillion months or something. It came to a head when iPhoto crashed on me last night. Momentary panic  ensued. Not too am-dram, though, I was zonked in front of my Girls box set after a long day and a run. With no wine. So, you know, a brew at 10pm. Anyway, it all came back to life (switch off and back on again) and I backed up and sorted out my photo’s.

So this was going to be about a lovely walk we did last Sunday, which was THE most gorgeous sunny day of the year so far. Then I found some of our New Years Day walk too, so here they are too.











(Spot the Instagram filters.) New years day walk was at Scarborough. You can tell which day is which by the colour of the sky… look at that blooooooo! I don’t know where the other place was, but there was a canal and lot’s of mole hills with which to clog up wellies. Our souls really needed this sunny walk after the long dark January and well, just because life. And cities. And central heating.

Hope you all are finding some little beams of spring starting to defrost the spirits, if not the bones?!

p.s. Yes, I know the first picture is THE least flattering angle for me.




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