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Because I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I posted. And also, I just wanted to use that brilliant word of exclamation. I have been working on some posts – you know, the sort where you start a rambley draft and then before you know it you have millions of drafts and you just want to finish some of them? Well still none finished, so never mind… It’s all about the process, right….?! Plus, I’ve been doing other stuff* and this folks, is my latest slovenly round-up post.

Meditating. I posted a while ago now, about everyday mindfulness and starting Yin yoga. Well, I then went and bought a book. “Mindfulness: Finding peace in a frantic world” by Prof. Mark Williams. It’s an 8 week course so initially I thought I’d probably just read the book and not bother with the course bit (commitment-phobe). But, the Prof (as I like to call him) is quite persuasive so I COMMITTED! It has meant making time for the meditations and other exercises everyday. Sometimes several times a day – which is hard, and yes, it sometimes doesn’t happen at all. But. I. Have. Stuck. To. It.

Mindfulness book

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I have to share this, because it is REALLY making a difference. I don’t know how, or why, and sometimes when I’m actually practising the meditations I feel really irritated, but in-between times, I have noticed less irritability, less anxiety, more focus. I’m only on week three. Maybe it deserves a whole post to itself about the in’s and out’s of why I’m loving it so much, but in the meantime I’ve also been:

Learning. Mainly around my current work activity, which is Pilates teaching. I’ve been accessing some online courses, reflection of my practice, physical practice, testing out some new moves on my client’s, meeting up with my Pilates buddy and practising new stuff together. I have some books and youtube content, but as it’s professional development as well as personal, I also subscribe to Pilates Anytime which is fantastic. I’m looking forward to teaching my classes and I’m having fun doing it.


Yoga. I’m not one of these people who buys into Pilates Vs. Yoga… who’s best? I’m embrace it all. I’m a scanner. Plus, as a physio, I can identify positives and negatives to each approach depending on a huge range of variables like expertise of your teacher and what the participants needs and potential risks might be. Anyway right now I’m finding the Yoga sits really nicely with the meditation, and also, it’s distinct from that which I teach, so it feels more nourishing to me. It’s my time. I’m totally inspired by Yoga with Adriene. Awesome content AND sound/visual quality is great.


Being Quiet. I’ve had the house to myself a few evenings recently, and it’s been brilliant to just sit in the quiet, reading. With no music or TV. Come to think of it, my overall screen time is pretty low at the moment. On those nights, even if it’s just been half and hour, I go to bed feeling like I’ve just come back from a spa. This quietness was inspired in part by the mindfulness course, but also hearing a discussion about what causes stress in the modern world on Woman’s Hour recently. You can listen yourself if you’re interested, but essentially it’s suggested that we are more competitive as a species than we have ever been and we are blindly chasing after an illusion of ‘lifestyle’ and STUFF* (blogs and instagram-world probably contributing to that phenomenon as well, I guess…)


Family Time: Mister has come to end of some reeeeeally busy work stuff, so we are now enjoying our time together. Bike rides, fun in the garden, weekend day’s out, lazy mornings – check check check! Watch this space as we more than likely venture for a second time into camping with toddler territory and seaside adventures. Ahoy!


*I always feel the need to distinguish the benign happenings of everyday life (stuff), from the evil and copious volumes of materials and content our eyeballs are assaulted by on a daily basis (STUFF). Next time you walk down your local high street, just consider all the STUFF in all the shops, then consider that it will probably all be replaced by new STUFF next week. Where did all the previous STUFF go? Maybe here?


There’s probably loads more stuff (see? Nice!) but that’s all that’s pooped out of my brain right now. What have you been up to? Have you managed to find any space lately? Tell me!

2 thoughts on “Gadzooks! & Stuff*

  1. I love this post so much, found myself agreeing with everything you’ve said about mindfulness, yoga, and STUFF. I’ve had that book recommended to me in the past, maybe I should give it a try…

    1. Thank you! I have been trying to work on that more detailed post about my experience of mindfulness (specifically with the book), but finding it hard to put into words. Also, I find that sometimes when I am meditating, I have wonderful insights and think “ooh, I must add that to the mindfulness post…” and then my mind wanders off to blogland! Maybe I should just put the post on hold until I complete the course…?!
      Thanks for reading! x

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