A mini adventure!

I don’t have much luck with car boot sales. We turned up all prepared with wellies, sling, snacks, cash and suitably Del Boy style attire to find it was cancelled again.

Luckily, we found a nature reserve around the corner. It had everything going for it: muddy puddles in abundance, rabbits, squirrels, the most delightful cacophony of birdsong, trees, ponds and enough flouncy rhodedendrons to make it like we were all in foreign n that. And spontaneity. So without further ado here is our #microadventure in photo’s.

Apologies in advance for mish mash of photo editing styles… I am tapping this out on the phone while the little ‘un sleeps on me!








Happy bank holiday weekend! What adventures have you been up to lately?

6 thoughts on “A mini adventure!

    1. Thanks… I think it was called Moorlands Nature Reserve…? Little One’s always running off in the opposite direction these days… all our photo’s are of her back! Where is my baby?! x

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