Let us take a turn about the Orangery…

aka Cast yon goggle balls on the garden, yo.

Tee hee… It’s only a little garden, but we love it.  I’ve been wafting my green wand about the place this year and it’s feeling A-okay out there. Though if anybody has any smart ideas for getting rid of cinquefoil… please do tell.

Anyway, words schmerds. Check it out you horticultural gangstas.

May garden tiles

Clockwise from top left: sunflower seedlings suffering a bit from the un-managed water logging in the seed tray;

Ooh la la! Tulips still beautiful despite being windswept and going over. They look like scarlet wimples that have been freeze framed in the midst of a gust;

Delicate in form and hue – Aquilegia;

Little adventurer in a secret garden;

Food for the bees – chives;

Aquilegia again;

First strawberry flower – hoping the mice don’t get the fruits this year;

Yes. I love the Aquilegia this year;

Centre: Daisy ‘Margerite’ The Days Eye.


You likey? X



4 thoughts on “Let us take a turn about the Orangery…

    1. Oh lucky you! We’ve not enough space for potatoes, and the radishes & beets I sowed in the bath planter have been “helped along” by a certain little Miss!
      Nowt wrong with a mad bush! 😉

  1. Love, love, love your Aquilegia. There was an incredible collection of them on Gardeners’ World last week and it’s made me remember how much I love them; incredible structure and colours.

    1. I know! I was a bit obsessed, but sadly they have all passed over now… sprinkling their naughty little seeds all about though for a nice show next year I hope! That’s the beauty of the garden, eh?

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