Living Arrows 14/52 & 15/52

Tardy with my living arrows posts again I’m afraid. I’m really struggling to get going with the DSLR – now when we go out, she is wanting to trot about, and is so fast, that it’s not possible to manage a buggy, a camera and make sure she doesn’t fall off a wall, or into a patch of nettles. I will try to take the camera when we go out as a family at weekends, perhaps…


Anyway, week 14. That week is (yet another) haze of snot and teething and sleepless nights. Here we are in the early hours of the morning, having been awake for a couple of hours, and finally fallen asleep beside me in the bed. Your sleep state is so precarious it seems. If I go to you too soon, it irritates you and wakes you up more. If I leave it too long, you work yourself up into a wakeful frenzy – you want holding – putting down – holding again. I’ve brought you to bed with us, only to have to return you to your cot after you almost flung yourself off the bed in a frustrated physical frenzy. I’ve dozed in the chair with you across my lap. I’ve tried to sleep on the floor beside your cot, sometimes with you on the floor with me. I just accept that these are brief phases and we do what we can to help you and us get some rest until you gradually start to sleep peacefully again.


When you are poorly and tired, you will tolerate sitting and watching some Peppa Pig on the laptop, and (shhh…) on the iPhone when you wake us up too early as well…! It buys us another half an hour snoozing in the morning, and you are snuggled in beside us while you watch.

Both photo’s taken on iPhone and 15/52 edited in Picmonkey (just to try and detract from my hideous bed hair really!)

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