Spring Things // A list

WEEEEEEE! How simply gorge-balls is the weather today? It feels like holidays – it IS holidays! This weekend I am driving to the other side of the country to be with my old university rabble, as we celebrate the passage of one of our ladies into WIFEDOM!! It will be my first night away from the wee Chicken, which I am both delighted about and dreading in equal measure. (More about that after the weekend, I’m sure.)

But for now, I’m just feeling really excited about Spring, and the weekend, and Easter weekend and camping, and all sorts really. So here are 10 Spring things I intend on doing:

1. Point eyeballs at the variety of fresh sappy colours emerging all around. Especially when they have that unsullied blue sky behind them.


2.Bake a massive chocolate cake with eggs on top, like this one.

3. Eat the cake, with tea and glee, so my face is covered in chocolate like Monsieur Le Cure in Joanne Harris’ Chocolat. Divine. Who needs religion when there is chocolate in the world?

4. Camping. With my little family. And friends. And their little families. And sausages. And fires. Mmmm. Smoky.


5. Watch spindly little green shoots emerge from the seeds I sowed last weekend. I hope.

6. Play out. In the garden. In the park. In the Dales. In the Lakes. At friends houses. On the cycle path.

7. Listen to the birds. They are getting rather frisky in our garden. We will listen while lying on a blanket on the grass. While playing out. While in the bath. While on the lavvy. While saying our night-night’s from the bedroom window.

8. Listen to this. It’s brilliant. You need to inject it into your ear-balls. Or somewhere…. just do.

9. Feed the ducks. Real and pretend ones.


10. Breathe that fresh clean spring air right into the pits of my germ addled lungs. Oh snot, when will ye be gone?


What are you doing these Easter holidays?

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