Embracing slow & small

I was catching up with some of my favourite blogs the other day, when I came across this phrase “embracing slow” (at Practicing Simplicity). It has been in my mind since then, and of how much mental energy I spend, thinking of all the myriad things that I want or need to do. In an annoying paradox, I often end up taking no action because I can’t have it perfect straight away. Like missing a class because if I leave now I’ll be 5 minutes late so what’s the point? It’s bonkers it really is. There are probably loads more important areas of my life where I could and should apply this mentality, but the most obvious aspect that springs to mind this week is beautifying the house.

Photo’s of happy times AND flowers!

Not that our house isn’t lovely already, but y’know… One likes to fuss and feather and preen and what not. We have been here for a good few years and it sometimes frustrates me at how slow we are at getting around to the bigger projects like decorating. For a variety of reasons: we are not good at making decisions (restaurant menus = nightmare), we are not good at spending money unless we are certain we have exhausted all the free or frugal options first (jumble lover that I am / Yorkshireman that he is). Also, I think we both have a streak of the perfectionist in us. I like the thought of doing a room/the garden/other large project in one weekend, and getting it over with and having the big reveal like on telly. I know. I’m a der-brain. Since having a baby, I’ve had to be more realistic about time, and let go of the idea of everything having to be perfect to be worth making those small changes. Let’s not forget that massive dose of perspective that being a parent gives you, eh?

We repurposed this little shelf so now it just holds things that please us. Functional items are BARRED!

Having made a few of those small changes here and there has made such a difference, and it reminds me of how lovely it is to see something slowly evolve. My mind can focus on the little lovely things, instead of the big old list of dull-ass jobs that needs doing! Notably though, I have taken on a couple of medium sized projects lately (using the internationally unrecognised system of project-size measurement…?) It’s probably some kind of universal Law of Attraction or some other new-age explanation. That’s cool. Or (more likely) a psychological / behavioural (ie. more scientific and therefore even cooler) reason why the mind works that way. Anyway, even my logical, sceptical brain gets that small changes lead to bigger actions too. And it’s something I am going to continue to be mindful of from now on, because I really like the happy feeling I get from seeing those flowers in that vase I bought from the charity shop.

Mother’s Day flowers in my thrifted vase next to my South African basket. 

What small things can you think of that make everyday that little bit more special?

Happy weekend!

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