Lately // In photo’s

It’s all been a bit homey and a bit quiet around here lately. Since my last written post, Spring has arrived, we had a couple of birthdays, and got ill.

I’ve been busily taking the Small along to a load of those baby groups that you are *supposed* to go to in the first year, but I have mercifully managed to avoid. Now it seems I’m well up for it, which goes to prove my stance that you don’t need to bother with any of that if you really don’t want to. They will still be there when (if) you change your mind. We’ve had a lovely 14 months soaking each other up at home and going on our own private adventures, and I’m glad about that. But. Those groups. There are germs, okay? So now we are both ill. Or rather, are emerging from the illness, thankfully. Along with the current bout of teething, it makes for some sleepless nights and some soggy chins. Another tooth emerged today – that’s the seventh. I looked it up this morning – she has another thirteen to go. THIRTEEN? Holy Bejaysus. I’m kind of hoping we are going to have a run of them to get some of those ticked off in one go, you know?

Anyway, rather than bore you with loads of words, here ‘s some pictures instead.


*Dreams, dreams* This time next year, I WILL be in the Great Britich Sewing Bee!


Hello Birthday rainbows!


Playing Out at the Museum Gardens, where Spring has got a very flouncy and ostentatious hat on.




Daring to dream of summer…


Off the healthy eating wagon for a night. In style.


Millenium Bridge, York.


Look at that sky, for goodness sake!

That’s all folks. I’m not officially doing #100happydays but jeez, we are lucky. Look at this planet we call home!

What Springy shenanigans have you been up to? 

2 thoughts on “Lately // In photo’s

  1. Gwenn is 11 months (1 year on Easter Sunday) and I have not so much as darkened the door of baby sensory, bounce & rhyme, baby massage, messy play or God knows what else is going on. I am both proud and ashamed of this. Proud that I have not been conned out of £££ but ashamed that I have denied Gwenn social interaction. I’m not saying my way is right but I will be taking her to a playgroup soon, now that she is old enough to at least play *next* to other babies. Am I evil?!?!


    1. Totally agree about the costs! I don’t know where some people get the money for all the various groups! Plus, having tried a few free taster sessions here and there, they are all basically the same anyway! I’ve compiled my own list of free groups for each day if the week now… We don’t go to them all but at least I know what options we have on any given day. I worried about the interaction thing too, but we see friends and family with kids regularly, and it’s only recently she’s started to properly interact with them, So I think you’d be hard pressed to stunt what is their own natural timing for development..?! So, in conclusion I think you should be proud and you are definitely not evil!!

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