Living Arrows 10/52

Gosh, I can’t believe it is a week since the last post. At least I am managing to keep this photography series up to date. I have had so many ideas for blog posts, but just no time to write them properly. We are still recovering from what I can only assume is a nasty virus, that has left me and the little one both feeling tired, with lingering, irritating coughs. Littley was teething badly during the worst of the cold too, so wasn’t sleeping too well at night, and just wanting to go to sleep on my chest last week. At the weekend, she has picked up a bit, but despite the lingering tiredness, has been unable to catch a nap during the day, which has left us both feeling frazzled and a bit irritable in the afternoons.  I just feel like I’m not getting anything done (never mind any writing) and although she is not clingy-clingy anymore, she wants me close by and cries if I start trying to do anything. Maybe she is telling me I need to rest too?

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Weary. Both of us. I look old in this picture. I felt old today. Nothing seemed to go right. I had to leave you in your cot for a few minutes. To try and rest my brain. You were so tired, yawning and rubbing your eyes. But you cried so, and I felt so awful. As soon as I picked you up, you fell asleep on my shoulder and I whispered “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” over and over. I held you like that for almost an hour, sitting on the sofa while you slept on me. I got my brain rest and you got your sleep. Days like these can be hard, but moments like this I will cherish forever. Your head buried in my neck, my cheek resting on your downy curls.

Photograph taken using iPhone. Edited using VSCOcam app.


2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 10/52

    • indigogirl66 says:

      I know… It was about 4 minutes but it seemed like the longest time. Not sure I could even do the whole CC thing even if I wanted to! Lucky the “no-cry” stuff we are doing does seem to be making a difference but, you know, slowly! Anyway… What I do with my magical bits shall remain private ta very much 😉 x

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