A Week of Two Halves.

I haven’t written very many words this last week. The little one developed a cold over the weekend, and I think I must have a bit of it too as I’ve felt totally pooped. Well, It could be that, or it could also be the fact that I had a really productive week at home – you know, where you just seem to be ON FIRE! Well, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at least. On Thursday it all went wrong. I’d peaked too soon. Failed to pace myself. Before that though, I did the following:

  • Take the child swimming
  • Do the weekly shop, plus a bit of ‘leisure’ shopping (who am I? Alan Partridge…?), spending some of my Christmas vouchers and buying some fabric paint for a new craft project.
  • Held a craft evening with my good friend K – We did those sharpie mugs that are all over Pinterest. Check it y’all.


  • In one morning, I cooked a massive beef stew, some savoury muffins courtesy of Hugh F-W and some chocolate brownie courtesy of Jamie O. The latter were hacked due to not having all the stuff in my cupboard that they had. Including enough eggs. It still worked. Who follows a recipe to the letter anyway? Not this domestic goddess. Pah!


  • Met an old Uni mate for coffee. I almost cried when I saw her, it’s been so long and I was menstrually (word?) hormonal. We had a good catch up while the little one slept in the cot (thanks little-O) and reminisced about a trip we did 10 years ago, to South Africa. We had an awesome time, but mainly because we were so naive – we wouldn’t do half the stuff we did then, now. Isn’t that the best thing about being young?! I wonder what I’m doing now that I’ll think back in ten years and think – “Oh, I was so young then, I didn’t know what I was doing!” Ha! Brilliant. Hopefully everything! Age is relative, man.
  • Went to my besties for tea – spicy fanjitahs – and the tea wasn’t bad either. Ba-Boom!

Then I woke up on Thursday and felt like I just wanted to be not he sofa all day (if only). Or maybe until Spring springs for real. You know, not just the Snowdroppy bit, the full on Daffodil version. Anyway, I only just emerged from that this afternoon, so… not so much happened since Thursday.


Snowdrops will do very nicely for now though.

2 thoughts on “A Week of Two Halves.

  1. Interested in the Sharpie mugs… does it wash off? Presuming not as you can’t get it out of clothes, but maybe the dishwasher would have a good go at it!

    1. I’ve not tested them yet. I need to bake them in the oven, but from what I can gather, they wouldn’t be dishwasher-safe. Whether they even stand up to hand washing…? Watch this space! X

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