Living Arrows 4/52 & 5/52

A bit late with my 4/52, but I was so determined for it not to be another iPhone / Instagram offering. I’m well chuffed to be playing with my DLSR again – and I haven’t t even felt the pull of the Auto setting, which is usually my default, especially when I haven’t dusted it off in a while. Having such a mobile subject is a challenge (as well as an understatement), but I’m finding it liberating to have only one subject. If I was sitting her in my fancy art pants, I’d describe it as a ‘study’, perhaps?! So far I haven’t ventured out with the camera, but again, just taking photo’s at home, means I can get a better feel for the effect that the manual settings have.


4/52 Mealtimes are so much fun at the moment. You love feeding yourself, and although the spoon gets a bit of a look-in, invariably you find your little chubby fingers are just as adept at squishing food into you mouth. Yes, it’s messy, but I’m so proud of your burgeoning independence.


5/52 Simple pleasures are your favourite. Last time you played with balloons on your birthday, you were very wary, but this week, you loved squishing the softly inflated spheres, and took great delight at watching me playing keep-uppy.

Both photo’s were taken using a Sony A-300 with 55mm lens. 4/52 is unadulterated, 5/52 was enhanced using Picmonkey.

How are your photography project’s going this year?

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