26-01-14 Collage
Watching: Breaking Bad, Season Two. Why doesn’t he just accept the help offered by the old grey matter friends. He thinks he’s doing the right thing by his family but really they will be very very cross when they find out. Irritating but compulsive and darkly funny.

Enjoying: Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and reading. Going for walks with my girl. Its still the only time she would nap, so I have seized it and downloaded run keeper. Plus it’s been really crisp and sunny, and it makes me feel good. Harder to do the last few days though, what with these extra wakings making me feel… Ugh!

Reading: Toddlercalm and River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook. Look, I’m no fool. I know there’s no magic solution to the trials of parenthood, but that’s what I’m enjoying about this book. It’s about adjusting your expectations rather than trying to fight nature. One of the early chapters, on sleep (the holy grail of parenting books, surely?) in essence is saying, “this is what the majority of babies do. It’s normal.” I can stop asking myself what it is I’m doing wrong, and just try to understand it. Hey, whatever works for each family, right? As for River Cottage – I ordered this to give me some inspiration for family meals we could all enjoy, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the recipes, especially after all the reviews on Amazon. But the chapters preceding the recipes are really interesting, so I’m keeping it.

Not enjoying quite so much: The additional wake up calls! After my last sleep post, she did settle down but now she’s started to wake again. I used to breastfeed her at around 4am but now that doesn’t settle her and she jolts awake whenever I go to put her in the cot. The last three nights we’ve been awake for 2 hours straight with constant crying. She’s had cuddles, rocking, pacing, night lights on, night lights off, singing, warm milk, calpol, repeated bedtime routine, our bed, the nursing chair. All fails – she just seems to eventually fall asleep wherever she is (usually in my arms though), after about 2hours of crying. Today she is totally pooped (as am I) and grouchy. And no, she still isn’t napping.

Making it lovely: The bedroom. I finally ‘archived’ the pile of boxes in the bedroom and gave it a tidy up (read: shoved everything into the eaves cupboards. Out of sight…). I also replaced the really manky bedspread with a new one from Sainsburys. It’s not as big but was very warm *sweaty face*. It also makes going to bed earlier feel like a treat instead of just that place we dump our adult shit and crash out.

Eating: Healthier this week. I’m trying to set a positive example to D, so that means healthy snacks or no snacks and eating with her at lunchtimes. It’s certainly a good motivator but still hard to keep from snaffling the odd digestive or jammy toast when I’m feeling tired or cold. Ah… cosy comfort!

Over and out! Off to push the child out in the horrid rainy day of awfulness now, in the hope she will sleep. Zeds.


2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. catralense says:

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog – ’tis a thing of loveliness, and a lovely record of the ups and down of parenting! I would totally agree with learning to accept that things are the way they are at this moment because they’re meant to be that was (if you follow!). It’s easy to get caught up in hankering after things as they should be the ‘text book way’ and always feeling slightly disappointed in yourself that you’re not up to scratch. Just go with the flow and enjoy it. My youngest is 7 now (waaahhh!) and I’ve really enjoyed being reminded of those magical early years by your posts and photos. And from what I’ve seen you’re doing BRILLIANTLY!

    • indigogirl66 says:

      Ah, thank you for reading! Yes, the text books have a lot to answer for, eh? I love a book, but I’m more drawn to less prescriptive ones now, and those which support a more instinctive approach. Thank you for your lovely comments! X

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