Does anybody have a spare hour they can lend me?

This post is about naps and time. Yeah. It’s deep. So, how do parents who are caring for children find time for the stuff they want to or need to do? I’m not even working at the moment, and I struggle to see where the hours go some days. Am I being unrealistic? My friend works 3 days a week and has 3 children under 6 and still finds time to get her hair done regularly and go running. Seriously – what am I doing wrong? Most Mums will recognise that time and naps, and therefore parental sanity are all cosmically linked. Einstein missed a trick – space and time? Nah, it’s naps and time. Professor Brian Cox – get on it please. Thanks.


Our Small has never been particularly consistent with sleep. Luckily I ditched any attempts to ‘train’ her a long time ago (but still not soon enough…), so accepting that she’s not going to be one of ‘those’ babies has made it a lot easier to cope with. Lately, she has slept well at night, going down at about 6.30, waking twice – first between around 2am and 4am, and again between around 4 am and 6am. I still breastfeed her at those times, so this makes it easy to settle her and we all stay calm. We co-sleeps from the second waking until around 7am. It works for us. For now.

Daytime naps though, have remained inconsistent. She had a short phase of having 45 minutes in the morning and then another 45 minutes in the afternoon. It was Divine. I either rested, did my own thing for a short time, or got some jobs done. Since about 6 weeks ago though, naps have totally changed again. She no longer wants to nap in her cot, and will only fall asleep in the car or pram. Couple this with her increasing agility and inquisitiveness (climbing, falling, rearranging the kitchen drawer contents, and trying the same with the cupboards. Hello heavy pots and dangerous chemicals…) and it all leads to me not getting much done at all! She’s clearly tired, but can’t settle in her room because she’s excited about everything and then gets upset that I’ve left her on her own *sad face*. So I know she still needs that nap time, and certainly if she hasn’t slept and we get to about 3pm – it’s meltdown time and those two hours until tea time are tough dude.


I think it’s safe to say the toddler years have begun and I’m working on trying not to say “No” 764 times a day! Now that its impossible to tidy and sort things when she’s awake, and napping means leaving the house, the only time to try and whizz round is after she’s gone to bed and before Mister gets home. I’m really feeling the lack of ‘me time’ right now, and all those resolutions I made earlier in the week, seem totally impossible if I’m honest. I could let up on the chores, but when things get messy and there are piles of stuff everywhere and the bathroom is DRRTY, I find that just adds to my feeling… bleugh! This here blog is my most realistic outlet at the moment, as I can pretty much draft something immediately, without any hassle of setting out sewing machines or changing into gym gear only to have to down tools and go and get her from the cot. I’m mainly adding iPhone photo’s at the moment, but getting my DSLR camera into a more grab-able location might help with at least one of the resolutions.



Overall, I think modifying my outlook on the resolutions might help too. If I think about my time management skills (something I was never very good at in the workplace either), then some of the other goals will fall into position.

Luckily, following a few nights of regular wakings, last night she slept from 6.30pm until 4.30 and then stayed in her cot until 7am! Here’s hoping we have a similar scenario tonight!


4 thoughts on “Does anybody have a spare hour they can lend me?

    • indigogirl66 says:

      Thanks! I know, that’s what I keep telling myself when it feels AWFUL! But I can already feel the improvement compared with this time 3 or 6 months ago, so I’m optimistic 😉

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