The one where I weave a basket

Yeah baby, this crafty craft-a-thon just got proper. Basket weaving is the new black. Or something.

My Sister-in-law bought me a craft workshop for Christmas. She’s the BEST present buyer ever… On my secret Christmas list (just in case anybody asked…) was a magazine subscription and a craft workshop. She scored BOTH and didn’t even know the list existed. If there were Golden Globes for present-buying, she would win, and I would be the drink in Benedict Cumberbatch’s hand as he dances with the Fassbender. (Okay, I may have drifted off both topic and analogy here, but seriously, THAT photo is almost disturbing in it’s hotness and I don’t even know why… *wafts face with Mollie Makes mag*)

Here’s how it all went down (it’s not a tutorial or anything, more of a show and tell)

K phones me on Friday night to make plans “Shall we go for lunch after the workshop?”

Me: “Yes, and meet for coffee beforehand” Hence turning a two hour workshop into a 5 hour grown-up day of ultimate treat-a-thon. A-thon.


IMG_1459Kinky lot, those basket-weavers.

IMG_1456That bit was tricky. Those are actually my fingers and thumbs woven in already.

IMG_1457A selection of twigs for your delectation.

IMG_1458Now I start to feel at one with my Lancastrian cotton-weaving heritage.

IMG_1469Waste not want not. Now, who would like a bundle of twigs for Christmas…?

IMG_1463Et voila!

IMG_1464Aren’t the colours so pretty?

So, there you have it. Apparently the colours stay like that for years and years! I just need to think of a way to display it in the house. Very proud, if I do say so myself. And a great start with the resolutions too. Yay!

The workshop was organised by York Open studios, and afterwards we went for a heavenly lunch in the wonderful Belles Bouffe on Bootham in York. Go in the toilet and admire the wallpaper. I should have taken photos but I was high on basket-craft.





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