Lovely. But strange.

Quite a strange week of birthdays and holidays and over-indulgence and things that go bump in the night.

Firsts: Ham butties, cake, puddle jumping.

Frustration: Several attempts at walks in the rain that had to be abandoned due to insufficient equipment. Even with a snowsuit, a pram, a soft Beco carrier and a structured Karrimor hiking type carrier. And an umbrella. Go figure.

Magic: Beautiful dramatic skies, quaint local walk with tales of fairies and witches and hill folk of old.

Surprises: Tiny village shop with second-hand bric-a-brac ‘corner’ – vinyl and wooden toys! – we forgot to go back and purchase!

Greed: Cartmel Village puddings, continental lagers, pub meals, tasty packed lunches. Homeland season 2 – greedily consumed over 3 nights.

Warning – this is a hotchypotchy mix of iPhone, instagram and point-and-shoot type photography shenanigans. Don’t all you photographical purists start getting all philosophical on ma bee-hind, ‘kay?


My baby is one. Big, smiley, toddling, climbing, babbling bundle of loveliness. This time last year, you turned our lives upside down in ways we never imagined.


Curious. Endlessly curious.


Just driving to the supermarket, y’know…


Briliant Belgian Booze. Ta Belgium.


Ingleton. In. The. Rain.


The Road of Drama.


Reading in the bath. Yay!

Glad to be home now – Feels like I can start to look ahead and make plans for the year and all that cleansing new-year-type stuff that goes on. Feels good!

The End.

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