Slovenly round-up post: Part 1

Eeek… Two weeks since my last post. Well, Christmas happened didn’t it?

Christmas Shopping. I curse thee. There are only two people that I truly LOVE buying gifts for, and another two that I like buying gifts for. The other people it is a pain – I’m not going to lie. It is the very opposite of Christmas spirit. If I don’t give them a gift – I feel mean spirited. If I buy a gift I feel like I have just ‘thrown money’ at it, satisfying only The Man, and contributing to the global crisis of consuming STUFF. If I make a gift (which I may not have time for, thereby adding to the chore of Christmas) I feel like a cheapskate. Either way, I’m doomed to feel like a horrid uncharitable scoundrel. Oh guilt, when will you forsake me?


Unrelated to Christmas shopping but a bit of bopping to Mary got us through!

My handmade-thrifty-vintage-made-in-yorkshire cop-out. Once again, it didn’t happen. But I did make mince pies – something my Mum always did (along with the seasonal sausage rolls and melba toast, just in case “someone pops round”) It’s a simple tradition that I’m keen to keep up, especially now the little one will be a big part of Christmas. And I did buy some gifts from the local handmade fair. Okay, I’ll let myself off then…


As for home made decorations. I saw a stall at the Christmas market selling strings of dried citrus fruits for £8 a pop. In my usual spendthrift manner, I cried “Eight pound?” in a high pitched manner, before chuckling at the suckers who were handing over their coinage for this cheapo delight. I bought me some fruit on the way home, got myself on Pinterest and set the oven to LOW. Despite the promising nature of the phot below, it was an epic FAIL! They went from oozing juices to burnt to a cinder and never quite achieved that dry, translucent glow. Two batches later I gave up. Kudos to yon market pedlar, I say.



The small tree. The opposite to our usual LARGE tree that takes over the living room. For we have an 11 month old toddling child who likes to eat EVERYTHING.


Walks. The little chicken stopped napping in her cot, but would instantly fall asleep in her snuggly snow suit in the buggy as soon as the wheels hit the pavement. Since I could not bear to walk anywhere near town after the 12th, we took quite a few long walks away from the crowds. It was the best thing of the month, (apart from the actual day of Christmas, which despite my bleating, I look forward to and LOVE every year). We got some fresh air, we avoided meltdown scenario, I scoped out the best greenery-foraging sites for next year. I also got some head space, and decided to not get stressed about all of the above mentioned Christmas-related nonsense. It’s just one day. And it was LOVELY.




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