Pinned it. Made it.



Pinned it. Made it. Photographed it. PicMonkey’ed it. Blogged it. Thats how we roll.

I’ve been wanting a kitchen white board for a while. Just call me Martha Stewart. Not a pin board (messy – studenty, no thanks.) Not an office one (It’s organisation but it’s not a. salaried b. boring or c. naff.) I just needed something that was cheap, looked nice and served me better than my own brain (ie. a place to write things that need doing, so I don’t get to the end of another day and go “DOH! I forgot to….”)

Pinterest came up trumps as usual, though, in all honesty, I’m not sure why I couldn’t figure this out myself. (Oh,yeah… that brain thing again.) Anyway, one old photo frame, a lick of paint, a sheet of wrapping paper and some felt sticky things from Sainsbury’s Christmas stationary collection to cover up the greasy stain I made on the paper whilst cutting it out. Et voila.

You’re welcome. I’m organised. Ta-tah for now x

p.s. It is also my first foray into PicMonkey… be kind to my photo editing capabilities.

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