#BEDN How was it for you?


Quack Quack Oops!

Yes, well, I clearly have not managed to blog every day in November, but I will still claim it as a success thank you very much. As a novice blogger, I am 100% certain that I would not have even posted the ones that I did manage to write, for fear of… what? I don’t even know. Just “The Fear” we all have – it stops us doing maybe just one or two things, or maybe for others, it stops them completely *sad face*. Well, IN YOUR FACE, FEAR!

I definitely would have posted more, too, had it not been for life getting in the way. In all, it’s been a tiring month with a poorly, teething baby at the start of the month, which then gave way to a baby who just wouldn’t settle when she woke at night. Nerves were frayed. Say no more.

It has also fired up my cogs a wee bit, got me thinking about doing things that might be interesting to write about and I have a list of draft post titles and half written jobbies, so it’s personal victory all round.

So, thank you #BEDN!

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