#BEDN followers – I don’t have a workspace *sad face*… or maybe I should say the whole house is my workspace? Hell, the entire world is my workspace man!

A Bee and a Bloom


Still finding our groove with Mr being out at work (as opposed to work from home freelance). Me and the wee Chicken have had a cold for the last two weeks. She is now on antibiotics which is a bit rubbish, but hoping that the cause of her chesty cough is bacterial and not viral (therefore rendering the antibiotics a complete waste of time…).

Listening to: Old vinyl on our new (old) record player Nat King Cole, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Little Richard.

Eating: Roast Chicken dinners, Beef stew mmmm. Comfort food at its best.

Doing: Walking. Making the most of the crisp sunny autumn days and breaking in my new Doc Martens (where did I put the Compeed plasters….). I had a pair of these patent black DM’s in 1993 (yeah, like, WELL before Daisy Lowe and Agnes Deyn rocked up in ’em). I can’t describe to you how…

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