#BEDN York my hometown

I’m REALLY lucky. I live in a city that people visit on their holidays. I’m not from here, but I’ve been here 12 years. When I first moved here, I loved that had everything a city has to offer, but also a compact, cosy feel. You see familiar faces, you are not oppressed by loads of high rises, and your soul is mellowed by the green spaces and history that’s all around (of which I endlessly promise to learn more about!)

There are loads of sites and travel blogs where you can find out about the tourist trail, so here are my best places…

For tea and cakes: Me & Mrs Fisher, Lords Mayors Walk.

For picnics: Rowntrees Park, Southbank.

For ice cream: the Museum Gardens, Lendal.

For feeding baby / sheltering from the storm: York Explore Library, Lemdal; The Spurriergate Centre, Spurriergate.

For independent shopping and eating: Gillygate, Fossgate.

For top beer and stews: House of Trembling Madness, Stonegate.

For craft: Sunday Nest above Me&Mrs Fisher; Craft Basics, Gillygate.

For Walks: The city walls, along the river Ouse to the Millennium Bridge (take in Rowntrees Park en route – either for picnic or the brilliant Reading cafe run by the local library service.)

20131111-132100.jpgCliffords Towe

20131111-132111.jpgYork Minster

20131111-132150.jpgRowntrees Park


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