Bloggers, blogging and all that jazzle.

Well this fits in with today’s theme for #BEDN, and I’m in the middle of roasting a dinner, so rebel blogger strikes again and I’m re blogging it! It’s about why I started, but even just in the last week of BEDN, I’m enjoying it lot more as I’m not over analysing every post. Hope BEDN is going well for all you too!?

A Bee and a Bloom

So, blogging. Bloggers. “Blog-tastic” is a word my friend and I use when we feel pleased with ourselves or something about our life. It’s a bit smug, and bit sarcastic and a bit pokey. After all, we are just normal women with normal lives, not fabulous yummy-mummies with perfect children and homegrown organic vegetables and a sideline business in interiors/craft/baking. Yet every time I read a blog (with nothing but genuine interest and admiration, I might add) I thought ‘I could do this. I could have a go…’ for, like, the last 8 years or something. Yes, blogs have seen me through various stages… planning a holiday, debating a career change, stress and anxiety, going self-employed, starting a business, planning a career break and round the world trip, pregnancy, new motherhood (Thats basically a synopsis of the last 8 years of my life) There’s a blog for everything. There always…

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