#BEDN 10 Things…

Okay, so this was supposed to be yesterday’s post, but also I haven’t posted every day – boo hoo, so chuck me out of class. I’m a rebel okay? Find me on the back seat of the bloggy bus smoking fags and doing graffiti with tippex.

So, 10 things I hope to do in life:

1. Learn to speak French.

2. Flamenco.

3. Make a wildlife pond.

4. Walk Wainwrights Coast to Coast.

5. Backpack through South America.

6. Go to the arctic and see the Aurora Borealis.

7. Live in the countryside.

8. Go to Art school.

9. Go on a road trip in a VW camper van.

10. Travel around India.

Near Keld, on the Coast to Coast route
Near Keld, on the Coast to Coast route

Wow – I though that was going to be hard, but I just blasted that off and there are loads more little and large things that I could add to it. I think I will make a list of small things, as most of the things on this list will require a) more money than we currently have b) more planning in the long term and c) our small person to be a bit bigger! But, I do love a list, and as a maker of lists, I find if it’s on the list, it’s gonna get ticked off eventually. Bring it on!

p.s. The fact I used the phrase ‘bloggy bus’ should alert you to the fact that I was more of a front seat rider and preferred chewits to fags. #geek

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