#BEDN Food Glorious Food

I love food me. I’m still breastfeeding so I do have to remind myself that my ridiculous appetite has a legitimate driving force. Lest I do something stupid like try and “diet”. Pah! Not for me I’m afraid, but remind me of that in a few months time, when the little one off the boob and I’m still eating my third portion of Monday night pasta!

Passing on my love of food to the little one, is one of the great pleasures (and sometimes frustrations) of weaning. She usually eats her tea well before us, but when we do get chance to all sit down together, it’s an absolute joy to share the experience with her, especially when recently we gave her her first roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding and all. Already at 10 months, we’ve gone through various stages: not wanting to be spoon fed so having to slave over little veggie muffins and fritters smothered in cream cheese (thank you mamacook) ; everything being rejected unless being covered in yoghurt; loving being spoon fed, when all the lovingly prepared muffins get thrown on the floor with the rest of the finger food; its a constantly changing challenge, but luckily I enjoy food and cooking so most of the time, it’s just a means to discovering something new (sweetcorn fritters are good with sweet chilli sauce mmmm…)


Spinach and cheese pancake was a favourite in the “no spoon” phase of weaning

I’ve simply loads of pictures of my baby’s smiling face covered in various coloured mush, but I’m yet to decide how I feel about blogging pictures of her here. So, here’s some food porn. Well, just cakes really. I just take pictures of cake apparently…

IMG_0691Apple Cake

IMG_0075Wedding cheese ‘cake’


My favourite – Victoria Sponge



Okay – this ones for the squirrels okay? 


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