Bloggers, blogging and all that jazzle.

So, blogging. Bloggers. “Blog-tastic” is a word my friend and I use when we feel pleased with ourselves or something about our life. It’s a bit smug, and bit sarcastic and a bit pokey. After all, we are just normal women with normal lives, not fabulous yummy-mummies with perfect children and homegrown organic vegetables and a sideline business in interiors/craft/baking. Yet every time I read a blog (with nothing but genuine interest and admiration, I might add) I thought ‘I could do this. I could have a go…’ for, like, the last 8 years or something. Yes, blogs have seen me through various stages… planning a holiday, debating a career change, stress and anxiety, going self-employed, starting a business, planning a career break and round the world trip, pregnancy, new motherhood (Thats basically a synopsis of the last 8 years of my life) There’s a blog for everything. There always somebody who has been there or IS there. I read on Alice Harold’s More Than Toast blog (or was it MAMAUK?) that bloggers are often accused of presenting an unreal image to the world, of posting the picture of the perfect lifestyle, while behind the camera, in the other corner of the room is chaos. Well, I am an adult with an adult brain (most of the time..) so I knid of apply that logic to what I’m reading – of course it’s not like that all the time. And for me, my favourite blogs look a certain way, and ARE aspirational. I’ve looked at the more ‘warts-and-all’ blogs, and I just feel a bit, well, depressed my it’s ordinariness (real word? Anybody?) I have also read the glossies – a love-hate relationship that probably started in the late eighties when I started reading new teen mag “Hi!” (I didn’t understand what my brother was on about when he mocked my saying “I’m going to the post office to get Hi!”. I was only about ten, what was he on about? I found out eventually, thanks to Punky Brewster. Anyway, glossies – the beautiful photography, design… So aspirational. So unattainable. So long expensive shiny book full of adverts that doesn’t burn well on the fire. And so my love affair with blogs started.

Pair that love affair with the fact I have enjoyed writing since my late teens and taking photographs from my twenties, it was only a matter of time before I decided to give it a go. So for real, here I am. And right now, it just for me. To practice writing again. About all sorts. Theres no theme right now. It’s a brain dump… Er, I mean an eclectic collection of mini-essays and commentary, yah? But I warn you, I’m out of practice, and I mainly use my iPhone for photos’s these days. Just sayin’.Image

One thought on “Bloggers, blogging and all that jazzle.

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    Well this fits in with today’s theme for #BEDN, and I’m in the middle of roasting a dinner, so rebel blogger strikes again and I’m re blogging it! It’s about why I started, but even just in the last week of BEDN, I’m enjoying it lot more as I’m not over analysing every post. Hope BEDN is going well for all you too!?

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