" Exposure to nature and the outdoors as a form or component of psychotherapy " Full springtime immersion, feeding spring lambs and poking my fingers deep into their already thick fleecy head. Local walks stolen between school drop-off and the various obligations of the day. Over the grimy crossroad and away from the the chip-shop stink. Tripping down concrete steps littered in … Continue reading Ecotherapy

Happy Things #8

So many things this time around, and this isn't even the fully up to date version. Lucky me! My birthday was in February. We spend a gorgeous very early Spring day at Flamborough Head, visiting the Living Seas Centre run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. For a tiny wee cabin it offers loads to do and … Continue reading Happy Things #8

Shall I?

Shall I start this again? I asked myself loads of times over the last year. By 'this', I mean this thing that you are reading now. This blog. Whoever *you* are. So I suppose the question has now been answered because here it is. This time last year was a flurry of activity. Girl-child had … Continue reading Shall I?